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LongArm Quilting a Bargello Quilt

// Having just completed my first quilt on a Longarm Quilting Machine I think I am sold on this method of quilting. Granted it did not have the same look of a hand quilted quilt completed by a skilled quilter. My grandmother's quilts are beautiful!  However, I would like to complete more than one quilt in my lifetime and my life is too hectic to even consider being able to spend the time. Using a Longarm Quilting Machine is a great option for me to be able to complete my own quilts and ex

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Bargello Quilts Tips and Techniques

Grants for school can come thru many quilting projects. No matter what your reason for quilting, here are some great tips and tricks... // I love quilting and it really helps to stay involved with other quilters who love the simplicity of the Bargello Quilts. I have come upon a few Quilting Tips and Techniques that might help when quilting your next next Amish Patterns quilt or even a Bargello quilt. If your a hand quilter: thread a whole package of needles and leave them attached

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