Modern Quilt Patterns: Where to Find Them?

My daughter recently showed interest in quilting but she has a more modern approach to the art. In searching for modern quilt patterns, I was struck by the number of quilters and associated books there are available in this unique type of quilting.

(Job Fairs for Teachers of Quilting)

In my quest to find the best resource, I thought I would ask my fellow quilters if there is a particular modern quilting guidebook that you’d recommend for a beginner.  While we typically discuss Bargello quilt designs on this site, there are certainly times when we must stray and ask for advice on other areas of quilting.   I did find a review of the book, Quilting Modern, and that seems to be a great resource but, again, I thought I’d ask our readers.Modern Quilts   If you have tips on modern quilting, even if it isn’t a newbie type of style, please feel free to share in our comment section.  We would love to pursue any suggestions and also share those with our readers.  

Additionally, while we are on the subject of niche quilting, I am also interested in finding quilting patterns that showcase butterflies.  Does anyone have a good resource for butterfly designs?  This would be for a niche quilter who is interested in starting her quilting business with the sole purpose of promoting butterfly care and preservation.

As you may see, we support other quilters on this site and welcome any questions you may have about quilting resources.  Whether its bargello quilting, or some other form of quilts techniques, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be happy to ask our readers!

Happy quilting!

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