Bargello Quilts Movement In The Design

I love the aspect of ‘movement’ as an added dimension in a Bargello Quilts. I guess that is why I love the Bargello Quilts. I love to play with the design of Bargello Quilts just to see the outcome of the subtle changes in Designing a Quilt. If you feel the same about design aspects then you might be interested in adding the feeling of movement to your next Bargello Quilts  by using fabric that has a design feature that runs the length or width of the fabric. The key is to make sure that all of the designs run the same direction. Let’s say you have a subtle swirl pattern that you want to use as a focus. Concentrate on designing your quilt so the swirls are all headed in the same direction. Bargello Quilts can have the feel of movement just in the design of the blocks. Add the fabric as that subtle reinforcement. Try it! Love your Quilting!

Free Bargello Quilt Patterns

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